Royal Literary Fund
Listening to stories & poems,
and talking about them
a new invitation from the Royal Literary Fund for 2022/3

Michelle Lovric


The R.L.F has asked Michelle Lovric to lead a second reading group in Bankside, with 12 new places for people who live or work locally.

Reading Round is free. There's no tech, no advance reading, no books to buy ‐ just the sheer pleasure of sharing and talking about great writing ‐ in person, in a lovely space. Over a year, you'll be introduced to stories, essays, memoirs and poems of all kinds ‐ moving, comical, beautiful or strange.


Reading Round Bankside starts in October 2022 and continues until July 2023.

A note from Michelle Lovric about Reading Round, Bankside.

Dear Readers,

I'm delighted to be able to offer a second year of this wonderful project in Bankside.

Sessions will be weekly with breaks around school holidays, until July 2023.

I'm hoping to create a diverse, friendly group with a wide range of experience and viewpoints. The ‘role in common’ for this group is being local to Bankside as a resident or for your work.

To enjoy Reading Round you absolutely don't need to be a big reader already — all the stories and poems will be read aloud to you. When discussing, there are no right or wrong answers and everyone's voice is equal.

All that's required of participants is a real commitment to attend as many of the 30 sessions as possible.

Please note that this is not a forum for your creative writing — or my own. I do teach and mentor prose and poetry, but that's separate to Reading Round.

If Reading Round sounds right for you, I'd be delighted to receive an email from you with

  1. A few words (no more than three lines) about yourself
  2. A few words about why you'd like to be part of a Reading Round

please email



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