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creative tutoring

creative tutoring

All the images on these mentoring pages are be found at Wellcome Images and are from the Wellcome Collection unless otherwise stated.

In order of appearance, they are:

Detail from portrait of Thomas Dowland; details (2) from a coloured drawing of the muscles of the head and trunk (front view); right, muscles of the thigh and leg (front view). 1800 – 99; International Conference on Biological Standards, Geneva, 1925: delegates seated around a conference table. Photograph by C. Boesch, 1925; An Indian woman standing upside down on her hands. Gouache painting by an Indian painter. Between 1800 and 1899; A nightingale singing by its nest. Etching; Skiagram of the right hand of a patient with acromegaly. St Bartholomew's Hospital Archives & Museum; Detail from an oil painting of "Maistre Robert", a blind healer healing by laying-on of hands. Oil painting; Advertisement for Burroughs Wellcome showing various situations in which a Tabloid medicine chest would be useful. Colour process-print; Putto and dragons in phials from Salomon Trismosin's 'Splendor solis'. Watercolour painting; A gynaecological physician seducing a patient. Colour lithograph, 1852; A pair of Chinese shoes for bound 'lily' feet; Genoese medicine chest, 1562-1566. Science Museum, London; A Hindu ascetic, or holy man: seated in the lotus position on a leopard skin, with withered arms raised above his head. Coloured stipple engraving, 1814; writing on the back of a female patient. L. Trepsat. Nouvelle iconographie de la Salpêtriêre; an egg with a human head covered with snakes. Les œuvres d'Ambroise Paré ... Diuisees en vingt huict liures, auec les figures et portraicts, tant de l'anatomie, que des instruments de chirurgie, et de plusieurs monstres. Reueuës et augmentees par l'autheur, 1585; Removing the bone with a trochlea bipes, 16th century. Succenturiatus anatomicus. Continens commentaria in Hippocratem, de capitis vulneribus. Additae in aliquot capita libri VIII C. Celsi explicationes... Pieter Pauw. 1616; Histoires Prodigieuses, the Monster of Cracow, 1559; a woman divided into two, representing life and death. Oil painting; Praying skeleton. Ink and watercolour, after W. Cheselden, ca. 1733; a full-length frontal figure divided in half, one half representing a man and the other a woman. Coloured etching by Cruikshank, 1793; an injected arterial vessel system of a 9-month-old foetus. Collotype after a radiograph by E. Römmler for G. Leopold and Th. Leisewitz; alarm clock, mounted on model of coffin, probably English, 1. Science Museum; apothecary's wooden sign in the shape of a jester's head, Eu. Science Museum; Geography: three types of globe. Coloured engraving by J. Pass, 1807; Mount Vesuvius emitting a column of smoke after its eruption on 8 August 1779. Coloured etching by Pietro Fabris, 1779; a loom with disembodied hands weaving, the design pinned to the top beam. Engraving by R. Benard after Radel; an elderly anatomist contemplates the heart that he has excised from the corpse of a beautiful, young woman. Photogravure by R. Schuster, 1907, after a painting by E. Simonet, 1890; lead mortuary crosses, England, 1300s and 1600s. Science Museum; a young woman is sitting in a chair reading a story which has made her nervous. Detail of an engraving by R. Graves after R.W. Buss; a cure for hydrophobia: key laid on St Peter's shrine; two people talking. Hindi Manuscript 884; Chirologia: or the natural language of the hand. Composed of the speaking motions, and discoursing gestures thereof. Whereunto is added Chironomia: or, the art of manuall rhetoricke. Consisting of the naturall expressions, digested by art in the hand, as the chiefest instrument of eloquence, by historicall manifesto's, exemplified out of the authentique registers of common life, and civill conversation. By J. B. Gent. Philochirosophus; die-cut multiple layer Valentine Card of a little girl holding a card saying 'To my Valentine'; symbolical head, After O. S. Fowler, c.1845; an old woman carrying a clown in white; amulet brooch in the shape of a black cat, England, 1914-191. Science Museum; The origin of species by means of natural selection, or The preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life. Charles Darwin; a woman seated reading showing good posture and bad posture. Nicolas Andry de Boisregard, Orthopedia, 1743; a tightrope walker above a clown. Engraving after M. Laroon, 1688; full page of manuscript headed 'Carhol' concerning Welsh medicine; Newgate Prison handcuffs, London, England, 1840-1900. Science Museum; a Sicilian boy posing naked, his head crowned with laurel leaves. Photograph, 1902, by W. von Glsoeden; X-ray of a pair of hands with damaged fingers. Photograph, ca. 1915.

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